Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs

There's a card for every car (and driver).

Join our fuel rewards program to earn points for savings at the fuel pump and in our gas station convenience stores!
Use the V-Red Reward Card to easily earn, track and redeem points on fuel and convenience store purchases and securely pay for fuel from the comfort of your car.

V-Red Loyalty program = Savings

Everyone who drives understands the value of gas savings. Count on premium V-red gasoline to get you wherever you need to go. Find out more about why V-red fuels are suitable for your car.
We at V-Red are committed to assisting you in getting the most out of each gallon. Because of this, you can count on V-Red to provide unmatched gas mileage.

Why Choose Us


Best & Lowest Price in The Market

Best & Lowest Price in The Market

Lower Emissions

Cleaner combustion and lower pollutants.

Improved Engine Protection

Increase engine output and responsiveness

Better Gas Mileage

Helps increase the fuel efficiency of your car.

V-Red Rewards Card

Together, you can save more than separately.

Expert Support Team

Our support stuff is always available to assist you in receiving better service.